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About Us
 Welcome to The Goonies, a guild on Vek’Nilash Realm. I would like to minute to explain what we are and what we aren’t.

The Goonies ARE a group of friends, both old and new who enjoy taking our time and relaxing in this virtual world. I would like to think that we are friendly and outgoing. We have many helpful and knowledgeable members.

The Goonies ARE NOT a leveling guild. While we may help members sometimes by running an instance or 2, or help out with quests, gear, etc, this is not something that we claim to be, nor should anyone expect this of us. We all have REAL LIVES, that we expect all members to put first.

The Goonies ARE a guild that raids a few times a week. We strive to see new things, but on our own terms. We do not require a member to be “geared” in order to go places, even tho we may lose an encounter now and again.

The Goonies ARE NOT a raiding guild. We don’t put raids ahead of other things. No raids are mandatory, and no one is berated for not showing up.

Being the type of guild that we are, we know that not everyone will be a good fit, nor may want to stay because of our pace. If it isn’t for you, there are no hard feelings when someone moves on, but we expect our members to tell  us they are leaving, in the very least. We expect that when a main character leaves, that the alts of the character go also. If you don’t like it here as one, one would assume it goes for all. This may be handled differently on a case by case situation, depending on whether there is communication between the member leaving and the officer corp. If you just up and leave on your main character, you should expect that alternates will be removed. This is just a heads up so that this comes as no surprise.

As officers, you can expect us to attempt to treat everyone with the consideration that we would like to be treated with. We won’t always get it right, we are after all human, but we will strive to be fair and impartial in our decisions. We have set a new policy, where any major decisions will require that at least 5 officers have discussed and come to a conclusion, and of these, decisions will go by majority.

Now a note on guild recruitment….we don’t recruit. If you have a friend that you think would like it here, and who understands who and what we are, by all means, we would welcome them aboard. All new members stay as an initiate for 30 days. New members have full chat access, etc. About all that they cannot do at this time is use the guild bank. After 30 days, if there have been no incidents they become a member. Promotion beyond this is usually left up to the officers, and is done at no set time, if ever.

New Guy
My first posting!  Hello all, Hrem / Tethus here.  I just moved over to Vek' nilash from the Exodar server.  I two box alot, so if you could use some help, let me know.

Hrem 80 Druid,  herb/inscription
Tethus 80 Hunter,  skin/leatherworking

Seeya in game.

found bucks newest armor set
buck has posted pics of his latest epic armor cute isn't it

Blizzard Authenticators are back in stock!
Attention, Goonies!

The Blizzard Store has just gotten a new shipment in of Blizzard Authenticators!. Just in time for BlizzCon '09.
subliminal programming: you will go and buy one NOW!!!
A few months back, several of our members ended up having their accounts hacked. If you want to protect yourself, then please, please please go buy one of these for yourself. They only cost $6.50 apiece, and are a great way to safeguard the investements you've made in WoW. Think of how many hours (not to mention, how many monthly payments of $15?) you've spent on your characters. This is a great deal.

An enterprising individual might pick up several of these, and sell them off once the Blizzard Store's supply goes dry again. Going price on E-Bay has been around $25-40 apiece.

Get yourself protected, and we'll seeya in-game!

Hey guildies :]

Main: Deadjayne 80 priest herbalism/alchemy
Alts: Vilejayne 60 dk
 and pretty much if you do /who jayne its prob me :P i have a bunch of random low lvl toons

annnd if you search amy irene binion on facebook you'll find me

friend me peeps!

Patch 3.2 is live!
And, the Vek'nilash server wasn't up until just a few minutes ago. Well, I've been warned before: Patch updates are pretty much a day lost to gaming.

Patch Notes for 3.2 are posted here.

Make sure that, if you don't have the Curse client, you are downloading the newest versions of your addons.

Jaadin lvl 80 Blood Elf Hunter Survivalist spec'd

Officer in the Goonies

Main: Sylenz
Alts: Xavierknight and Marleymon.

Hiya Goonies:) I've been playing WOW roughly 9 or 10 months now, and am still having a blast hanging out with you all. I guess you can say Im an honorary officer by default, lol. I have been an online gamer for 10+ years, starting with EQ, where I met many of our current members.

In RL I own and run a small computer repair shop. I have been open for 6 years now. I am also a fulltime student at WGU in their IT Security program. Between work, school, and gaming I tend not to have a lot of free time.

I just want to say, if anyone needs any in-game assistance, just shoot me a whisper. I am almost always available to help out:)

MY Main is Gypsyfire a Horde Hunter, JC / Miner.
My Horde Alts are:
GypsyCurse a DK, Eng ./ Skinner,
Gypsysong a Mage, Enchanter / Tailor,
Shadeling a Priest, Inscription / Herbalist,
and Gypsyminx, she's just my banker :)

I do also have a few Alli alts on the same server, and a bunch of Alli alts on Exodar. Other than WoW stuff, I'm not really sure what to put here. I'm about the same on line as I am in person, I've never really been shy so I tend to talk to everyone, and one thing that I really enjoy about the game is all the great people that I have met there :) I most likely won't blog on here because when I do it's usually on MySpace, so if there's anything else that anyone wants to know about me, you can either just ask me, or follow the link to my MySpace page :)

update:  I now also have a facebook account (much to my chagrin) lol, although I still much prefer myspace, so it is still the better place to reach me, or just get a glimpse into my life :)



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