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Blizzard Authenticators are back in stock!
onijitsu wrote in thegooniesguild
Attention, Goonies!

The Blizzard Store has just gotten a new shipment in of Blizzard Authenticators!. Just in time for BlizzCon '09.
subliminal programming: you will go and buy one NOW!!!
A few months back, several of our members ended up having their accounts hacked. If you want to protect yourself, then please, please please go buy one of these for yourself. They only cost $6.50 apiece, and are a great way to safeguard the investements you've made in WoW. Think of how many hours (not to mention, how many monthly payments of $15?) you've spent on your characters. This is a great deal.

An enterprising individual might pick up several of these, and sell them off once the Blizzard Store's supply goes dry again. Going price on E-Bay has been around $25-40 apiece.

Get yourself protected, and we'll seeya in-game!

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